Dokuz Eylul University Drilling Technologies Program has been established within Dokuz Eylul University, Torbali Vocational School in 1993, aiming to train qualified technicians as the demand for skilled personnel with scientific backgrounds is increasing as Turkey now has come a long way in drilling activities. Program’s target is to educate and train technicians for the practices of geothermal, oil, mining, groundwater and ground investigation boring. The program admits approximately 30 students each year. Students succeed in both core, and elective courses graduate as “Drilling Technician”s. The graduates seek careers in both government agencies or privately owned leading corporations. The graduates also have the option to take the DGS exam to major in geology, geophysics or petroleum engineering programs in a college.

The faculty consists of one professor, two assistant professor and one two lecturer. Studies are especially based upon geothermal, environment, mining drilling and drilling automation.