Torbali Vocational School was established in 1993 in the town of Torbali, located 45 km south east of Izmir under Dokuz Eylül University. B.C. In 725, Torbalı, which was founded on the Metropolis, known as the Mother Goddess, was built in the Hellenistic period with original and high quality sculptures. Since our school organization, just in Izmir, Turkey plays an important role, not all the industrial and scientific studies. With our knowledge and experience, our technicians who have mastered the technology we have trained can easily adapt to the sector. In our school, which provides education with 4 programs based on natural sciences such as Natural Building Blocks Technology, Drilling Technology, Geotechnics, Industrial Glass and Ceramics, State-University-Private Sector relationship and interaction and highly experienced academic staff can advise on sectoral activities with laboratory facilities.