Director’s Message

This year is the 26th year of the establishment of our school. In the last quarter of the century, DEU Rectorate Administration has developed in accordance with the support of Torbalı institutions and organizations and today it has become one of the most important theme vocational schools of Dokuz Eylül University with 20 academicians, 30 administrative staff and 500 students. With its qualified academic and administrative staff, laboratories, water well drilling equipment, core drilling machines, the need to ensure that the mission of the marble factory and workshop is the one of Turkey’s prestigious educational institutions. One of the most important requirements of qualified and quality education is to provide education in similar fields. Here, the unforgettable professors of the geology community, the late Professor. Dr. Prof. Dr. Kemal ERGUVANLI has a very meaningful word describing geology; “This is our business of stone, soil, water”. I think this is the word that best describes the theme of Torbalı Vocational School and we will continue to train intermediate staff in this direction. Because this education model provides the opportunity to establish, expand and develop a strong academic and technical infrastructure with less cost. In this context, it continues its education with Drilling Technology, Natural Building Blocks Technology, Geotechnical and Industrial Glass and Ceramic programs. In line with the demands coming from the sectors, it has included Mining Technology and Welding Technology programs that are suitable for its contact. Since it was founded, more than 1000 graduates have been employed in the sector and most of our graduates are employed in the related sector, establish their own businesses and hold important positions in companies.

Yesterday, when we look at the foundation years, Torbali started a life in a small building with drilling and marble program, participated in Izmir International Fair in the same year, established the service building, marble factory and workshop that we are currently using. The opening of the school we are currently educating was made by the 9th President of Turkey, the late Süleyman DEMİREL. “Such a school has been built that even Izmir is eye-catching.” Because of the interest shown to our school as all employees mercifully remember. This development process of our school is in the process of establishment and our founding director Prof.. Dr. Faruk Çalapkulu has started with the devoted efforts and the establishment of academic, administrative and technical infrastructure has been completed to a great extent at this stage. Then he worked as a director for a long time. Dr. Burhan ERDOĞAN has made significant contributions to the strengthening of this infrastructure and especially the development of academic studies. As a result of this, we have created an academically active academic infrastructure with over 130 international SCI publications, over 60 national level publications and over 300 national and international papers of our academic staff. In addition, 16 TUBITAK projects, 34 University Scientific Research Projects, 16 Sectoral Projects and 3 International Projects have been and continue to be done. In this development process, Dr. Sacit ÖZER, on the other hand, continued the development of its academic and technical infrastructure. in the period, one of the first in Turkey has implemented the Modeling Hydrogeology laboratory. The hydrogeology modeling laboratory is established with licensed software that can produce models for a wide range of purposes from solid model to groundwater modeling, and serves the theme of “Water yine, which is another theme of the School. In this context, maintaining the mission of our previous managers, who contributed significantly to the development of our school, is one of my most important goals.Especially in 1997, I started as an assistant professor in the college as a continuing professor as a person who knows the mission of the vocational college has more duties. We need to overcome difficulties encountered in meeting the needs of technical staff in Turkey. One of these difficulties is the difficulty in providing technical personnel. Koç Foundation’s “vocational high school, hometown issue” discourse tells us the importance of technical personnel shortage in our country. In order to solve the need and problem of technical personnel, our school has been established by establishing sector advisory boards. In this way, industry-university cooperation has been realized in line with the common views of both the curriculum and the demands of the sector. We, as a college, think that we have increased the quality of the Turkish workforce in the field we are educating. In addition to these activities, vocational programs such as Marble Graveyard Courses and Mosaic Courses, which are one of the most important social services of our school, continue. In addition to this technical infrastructure, we closely monitor how our quality of education is and how successful our students are in life. In particular, one of the most important tasks of educational institutions is that your students will be able to have jobs after a while, and be raised as individuals who gain economic freedom and value the society as qualified individuals. In this context, the success of our students and the light in their eyes make us one of the happiest people in the world. When we look at the feedback from our students and the sector opinions, it shows that our School is at a good level in the field of education. At the same time, we organize career days, social classes and social activities in order for our graduates to gain their responsibilities to the society as a university graduate and to grow up with the awareness of being a part of a team in working life.With these emotions and thoughts, Dokuz Eylül University Torbalı Vocational School is aware of the responsibility of our students in the development of both our country and the Torbalı in which we are a member, educating our students in the best way and raising them as beneficial individuals for the society. With this awareness and responsibility, we declare that we will carry out all kinds of activities on the issues that society needs.

Prof. Dr. Celalettin ŞİMŞEK