Dokuz Eylül University, Industrial Glass and Ceramics Department has been established in 2002. The aim of the department is to educate the students as a technician for the glass and ceramics industry. Industry needs well-educated technicians who will play an important role between engineers and workers. Our department fulfills this demand. Students graduated from Industrial Glass and Ceramics Department have work discipline and ethics and they can follow the technological developments, use related machinery. So, they will have a key role at the production continuity and at the development of the product quality.

In the industrial glass and ceramic department, students take technical courses in addition to basic courses in the first year. In the second year, they entirely take technical courses which provide them technological and industrial knowledge. Besides, students have possibility to examine and apply their theoretical knowledge at training periods at the end of the both first and second year. In addition to technological courses, students take courses such as Basic Art Education and Free Ceramics Application to improve their personal skills and creativities.

Our graduates generally start their careers by working in ceramic factories in Aegean Region. In addition, if they wish, they have an oppurtunity to continue their education at the related faculties by attending DGS.


Academic Staff
Title ,Name ,Surname Email Interphone Profession Fields
Assoc.Prof. Dr. İlker ÖZKAN (Head of the Department ) ilker.ozkan@deu.edu.tr


Ceramics Production, Traditional Ceramics Technology, High Temperature Corrosion of Boron Containing Ceramics
Assoc.Prof. Dr. İ. Murat KUŞOĞLU murat.kusoglu@deu.edu.tr 143  Material Characterization, Thermal process of materials, Powder metallurgy, Thermal process of materials by Microwave energy
Prof. Dr. Tolga GÖK tolga.gok@deu.edu.tr 147 Physics Education
Lecturer Meral OĞUZÜLGEN meral.oguzulgen@deu.edu.tr 178 Basic Art Education, Ceramics Art